The military personnel who were involved in brutalising some residents in Wa on 1st July 2021 have been punished except for the Duty Officer.

Three of the soldiers were demoted after a 4-member committee was tasked the investigate the attack.

According to reports, the Orderly has been demoted from Staff Sergeant to Corporal whilst the Guard Commander and the Sentry have been demoted from Corporal to Private and Lance Corporal to Private respectively.

Eight other soldiers who were captured in the viral video attacking the residents have been charged, tried and handed 30 days each in detention by the disciplinary committee chaired by the Commanding Officer.

3 soldiers demoted for assaulting civilians in Wa

All the military personnel who were on duty the day the residents were brutalised have been punished.

The trial of the Duty officer who is a Lieutenant will also be carried out later.

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