Ghana’s finest video vixen Tilly Hipsy has told the marriage critics of Dr Pounds and his newly wedded wife to back off and be happy for the union

Hits FM’s Dr. Pounds who is affectionately called the mayor of Accra’s evening tied the knot last weekend with his longtime girlfriend and this union has seen several concerns by his critics.

His union was blessed in Cape Coast where several stars graced the occasion to show love to their brother in the showbiz industry. His wedding, alleged to be the biggest to ever hit the streets of Cape Coast saw a convoy of about 20 cars headed for the wedding venue. The convoy were lead by horses whose drivers wore smocks.

The social media community has had mixed reactions about the wedding when fellow blogger Owen Ghana posted his wedding videos on his Instagram profile. Video Vixen Tilly Hipsy jumped to the defense of Dr. Pounds advising Ghanaians to be happy for him and it won’t end in tears.

She believes Ghanaians are being petty and bitter towards their union that Dr. Pounds would cheat on his newly-wed and said those with the negative comments have a lousy past they can't let go which has made them so insecure about the union of others.

" I just saw this and the bitterness here is quite mind blowing! All the "he'll cheat and all that nonsense"…. first of all, @owenghana can we remind them he's not married to them or their sisters? Besides they don't even know him!!! Y'all don't know what he's also been through to finally get to pour his heart out. How many of niggas can even fearlessly show a woman they love him? People really carry their lousy pasts under posts as if everyone is like those who fucked you up!
Especially the ladies, we get it that y'all got bitter experiences, but he's not your ex and she's not you! She will be happy forever! Tap into her blessing and hoping you get a man who adores you like this, you're here spitting bitterness. I hope happiness finds y'all! Congratulations Pounds! This union is God's own and I hope everyone woman gets a man that cherishes em!"

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