Ghanaian actress, writer and activist Lydia Forson has cautioned the general public on the sensitivity of their comments when it comes to rape and other LGBTQ related matters.

She said some insensitive comments can land them into positions they might not find themselves.

Taking to her Instagram page, she express her concerns about how some Ghanaians reacted to the alleged rape of a popular Ghanaian Lesbian.

Earlier this week, Elladeevah Ellios, a popular Ghanaian Lesbian on her Facebook page said she was kidnapped and raped for two days by four mem within which she was drugged and filmed on multiple occasions. The lesbian upon making this known said she doesn’t want to live any more as her essence of living has been defiled.

Many Ghanaians have had conflicting views on the issue with lukewarm comments to the lady’s post. Some found it funny and ironic for a lesbian to come out about being raped. While some teased about nothing being wrong with raping a lesbian, other consoled her with touching words to move on.

One Facebook user Akwesi Osei while reacting to the issue expressed his regret on a part of his friend who was sacked from a well-paid job that paid him GHS 6000 and other benefits because he passed a funny comment about the rape case.

His friend who lost his job cried to him regretting the comment he had passed but it was too late.

“People are always watching. Deals have been lost because someone chose to be a loud mouth”.He wrote. ” With issues of rape, if you have nothing meaningful to say, please keep quiet. Just shut up and walk away from it. Trust me, you’ll thank me later if you let this go”. Akwesi also added

Lydia Forson reacting to the sad story that had befallen the friend of Akwesi said unfortunately many will always learn the truth the hard way. Adding to this, she said embassies are requesting social media handles in the application to rate their comments on sensitive matters like rape, LGBT rights, suicide and other social matters.

It is however evident that you cannot be allowed an application into a country whose culture you frown upon and pass insensitive comments on.

She also advised the youth pushing agendas and passing insensitive comments against socio-economic trends to put an end to it or they will be found crying later.

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