A video currently circulating on the social media sighted by ghblogspot.com shows the moments of Kaninja and xandy kamel after match video has got netizens in awe.

It is said that they were allegedly divorced, which created more and more confusion between the two spouse. Sharing this after match video tells us they are now back together.

In the video you would see Kaninja praising his wife and also xandy praising her husband for a good work done. It seems both of them went on a marathon, and they are exhausted, xandy kamel on the other side was also cheering up like what we see in the movies.

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Gh Kabutey is a content writer, video editor and social media marketer. I promote in a new and holistic manner, Ghanaian culture [music, dance, people], news, and trends. I am a biochemist by profession.

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