Ghanaian Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale has vowed never to wear trousers again after he was trolled on social media for wearing fake jeans.

Shatta Wale

In a recent Instagram post, Shatta Wale was spotted during the weekend wearing a supposedly genuine DSQUARED designer jeans but curious netizens found a flaw in the logo and it appeared to be different from the original logo. The Dancehall King who sat on national TV to publicly disgrace Entertainment Pundit Arnold Baidoo of wearing cheap sneakers that costs only GHS 2.50 has been caught by his own fisting net.

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Arnold Baidoo said Shatta Wale was the most confused and inconsistent artiste in Ghana on an episode of UTV Ghana’s United showbiz. Shatta Wale didn’t take this lightly leading to an exchange of words. He bragged of his mansions and cars and ultimately said Arnold’s sneakers were only GHS 2.50.

Shatta Wale and Arnold Baidoo clash on UTV

Netizens couldn’t wrap their minds around why a man who trolled someone on national TV would also wear fake jeans that costs GHS 15 in the local market. This saw cocial media users calling him all sort of names.

Shatta Wale and Sarkodie

The logo of the original designer jeans is spelt ‘DSQUARED’ which costs $670 converting to GHS 3879.30 while the one Shatta Wale was found wearing was spelt ‘DSQUARED^2’ (DSQUARED raised to the power 2) and must cost a lot lesser than a GHS 100 according to the trolls.

Logo on jeans Shatta Wale wore
Logo on original brand

After seeing the massive trolling under the post, he has decided not to wear jeans again. In a recent post, he was spotted in a white shirt without any trousers on. Netizens are still trolling him for showing his skinny legs and requesting an investigation be done on his shoes .

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