A video circulating on social media is said to be an artificial sun manufactured by China to handle and warm the winter weather.

The video which is rapidly making waves on the digital space shows some people capturing the said artificial sun and has since attracted massive reactions.

The video was first shared by a Twitter blog that shows how the artificial sun was being hoisted in the sky while people gathered to use their phones to record it.

This has since triggered people on social media to question if it’s true that the East Asia country has manufactured an artificial sun.

Well, a Chinese DIY content creator cum an advocate for women in STEM, took to the popular micro blogging site to confirm that indeed it has been hoisted.

In his words, “Yeah, I’m in China this is 100% real. It’s winter so the extra sun has been pretty sweet, a little dimmer, and more yellow than the old one but I hear they’re working on it.”

Gh Kabutey is a content writer, video editor and social media marketer. I promote in a new and holistic manner, Ghanaian culture [music, dance, people], news, and trends. I am a biochemist by profession.

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