A report coming from Zimbabwe reveals how two female students fought bitterly over a boy which ended the life of one of them while the other has been incarcerated.

The deceased, 15 fatally stabbed by her rival, 16 during a confrontation. According to a police statement, the two were fighting over who was the main lover of their teenage boyfriend.

Per the account of Sunday Mail, the suspect’s 14-year-old cousin handed her a knife which was used in committing the murder during the scuffle.

The victim died shortly after. Zimbabwe police say investigations are underway as they have possession of the underage suspect

Away from that, a first-year female student of Medical Laboratory Sciences (MLS) of the University of Nigeria Nsukka, Miss Obi Mirable is going to be sacked for stripping during a dance competition in her school.

According to reports, Miss Mirable was said to have gone dancing to win a price of 10,000 Naira.

In a new video, a lecturer of the department, yet to be identified is seen vowing to make sure the lady is persecuted for destroying womanhood.

“I can’t believe what I heard, I can’t believe what I saw, I will make sure she’s persecuted. For destroying humanity and womanhood.” The lecturer said.

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