A Ghanaian medical student studying on scholarship in Cuba has passed on due to an alleged negligence by the school’s medical facility. The sad incident occurred in the early hours of yesterday Friday, May, 7th 2021 at the Escuela latinoamericana de medicina in Cuba.

The late student identified as Erasmus Dzorgbenyui kluste passed on from diabetic complications when he was rushed to hospital after being found lying unconscious in an office he usually studies.

Erasmus was the first born of his parents and also had an engineering degree in Ghana before pursuing medicine in Cuba where he met his untimely death.

Information gathered indicates he was found alone and weak in the office and was passing out and unable to speak, by a friend who had returned from a jog.

His roommate and friends hurriedly rushed him to the school’s clinic where they were asked to return to their hostel rooms and that their friend will be taken care of.

His friends found out he had passed on an hour later after he was rushed to the clinic.

However, the Ghanaian student community in the school have raised concerns about inadequate healthcare system and negligence on the part of the school’s clinic which had led to the death of their late friend.

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“He was then conveyed to the school’s policlinic which doesn’t attend to us because they claim our scholarship was not offered by the University but by GNPC(A petroleum company in Ghana) and the policlinic renders it’s services to ‘only’ students who were granted scholarship by the university.

They conveyed him to the policlinic,the policlinic complained of not having *petrol* in its ambulance so they can’t convey him to the hospital outside the school where we Ghanaians are to visit when are ill or in need of medical attention.. They then resorted to calling doctors in the hospital outside the school to rather come to the school and treat him meanwhile all what Erasmus needed was an insulin shot.

The doctors arrived and it was too late.The school ‘conveniently’ went building by building to inform the school populace that Erasmus died out of ‘ayuno prolongado'(prolonged hunger/fasting)and that he was already dead before he was brought to the hospital.He died around 7:00am in the school meanwhile the Ghana embassy in Cuba who were complaining they couldn’t visit us” – A student wrote

Their grievances were later heard by the Ghanaian embassy in Cuba when the school met with the embassy to notify them about the deceased. The Ghanaian students believe the school had propagated a false story to the Ghanaian embassy, a story different from what actually happened so the school is not incriminated.

Last night, the Ghanaian students held a vigil in honour of their late friend to remember the good and struggling times they had spent in school.

Speaking to one of the first year medical students studying in Cuba, She raised concerns about the bad healthcare system and the always incapacitated ambulance in the school, calling the incident that occurred disturbing

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She also raised concerns about the GNPC scholarship firm not paying the Ghanaian students their monthly grants these last five months even though they were told their funds were in. The Ghana Scholarship Secretariat had also not paid its monthly grants these past 8 months.

She pleaded on behalf of her mates that the Government of Ghana come to their aid.

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4 replies on “Ghanaian medical student Studying in Cuba Dead after an alleged neglect by School’s Clinic”

  • Kojo
    May 8, 2021 at 7:22 pm

    It wasn’t a flat tire , they said they didn’t have gasoline in the ambulance . This has been the excuse for over a month . And the complaints have been lodged to the embassy but they turned a deaf ear to the students . As a matter of fact they only show up when an incident arises or when GNPC ( our sponsors ) show up for their annual visits . Their negligence, is what has given these heartless folks the chance to treat as in any manner they deem fit . If they knew their jobs jurisdictions and did it accordingly Mus would be alive today . Let it be known to the world that he was a great man whose life was cut short by the Ghana embassy here in Cuba and the school we study in as well

  • May 9, 2021 at 12:47 am

    My brother also study in Cuba from Sa. We were told in March to pack suitcases with essential things to be sent to Cuba but until today nothing is done the staff is still lying at Luthuli house it’s almost 2 moths now. We pleading with our governments to honour their commitments towards our brothers and sisters. They are the future of our countries.

  • Desmond Amankwah
    May 9, 2021 at 1:37 am

    The government must do something about it before is too late ,I have a sister who is facing the same problem over there the ambassador must do something about it ,6 month without pay ,hummmmm very bad

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