A blogger who allegedly saw socialite Hajia Bintu just recently has claimed that she was without any sign of pregnancy which means she’s not pregnant for her manager as speculated online few weeks ago

It was all over social media that the reason why Hajia Bintu hasn’t been seen frequently online is because she’s pregnant for her manager and is trying to hide the pregnancy from the general public but this recent post counters all that.

According to this post, Hajia Bintu was spotted at Krokrobite without any sign of pregnancy hence rumors that she’s pregnant for her manager can’t be true as the pictures doesn’t show that she’s pregnant.

Another thing that caught our attention is the difference between her real photos and Instagram photos as it’s a clear indication that she has been using filters because her face isn’t as smooth as we see on Instagram.

Some of these public figures give pressure to young girls with their beauty on the gram but never let them understand that they got a little help from makeup and filters and these girls too try their best just to look beautiful like them which is very sad.

Screenshot below;

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