Orgasm is much more complex than most think it to be, especially about the female human body.

Reaching a climax isn’t really easy for women when they engage in intimate intercourse.

Even though orgasm is said to be achieved by the joint efforts of both partners, women take a long time for their pleasure to burst.

Reaching a climax isn’t really easy for women when they engage in intimate intercourse.

It’s also difficult to reach an orgasm because of some existing problems in the body that makes it harder for women to attain pleasure

Here are the 5 common orgasm problems among women and what they can do to overcome them.

Lack of enough foreplay

A very less percentage of women reach their climax through penetrative sex alone but the number is said to adequately increase when their partners engage in foreplay before the intercourse. Foreplay is an important part of sex that stimulates and arouses the sexual organs, allowing for more lubrication and heightened pleasure.

External vaginal problems

Conditions such as vaginismus cause extremely painful intercourse since the vagina is very sensitive and prone to infections. In such cases, the vagina gets tightened to the point where penetration is painful and so, women must seek professional help from their doctors to resolve the problem and make sex enjoyable again.

Extreme sensitivity

Some women find their clitoris to be very sensitive, even with the slightest touch. It gets even more difficult when it starts to pain, causing severe discomfort while having sex. It’s advisable to resort to sex positions that don’t involve the stimulation of the clitoris, or if the pain gets worse, women should immediately opt for medical advice.

Excessive lubrication

Some women experience excessive lubrication during foreplay and this can be an instant turn-off during sex because of the lack of friction during intercourse. Drying the vagina with a towel slowly will help but be careful not to wipe away all of the lubrication which helps in pleasurable sexual intercourse.

Psychological issues

Stress, lack of sexual desire, anxiety are some of the mental and psychological reasons why women find it difficult to orgasm after sex. Having worry and stress on one’s mind makes it difficult to focus on the pleasure alone and that’s the number one rule of reaching a climax. It’s necessary to battle these issues first in order to enjoy sex as much as one wants to.

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