Ace broadcaster journalist Berla Mundi has questioned why it is obligatory for a wife to return to the kitchen always even after a long day’s work.

Media Personality Berla Mundi

Ladies of working class nowadays have longed for a perfect answer on how to find a balance between their work and marriage. The 30-year old journalist has joined this group as she seeks advice from her followers on how to create this balance.

Berla Mundi

In a typical African setting, a wife is expected to prepare dinner every night for their husbands regardless of how tired she is or how tight her work schedule might be. This is to say women are meant for the kitchen but ladies nowadays disapprove of that philosophy especially the elite and those of the working class.

In a tweet on her official Twitter page, Berla Mundi queried why would a man would still expect his wife to prepare dinner when she leaves for work at 6am and returns home at 7 pm. To her, this seems entirely impossible as she seeked advice from her followers. She said she wouldn’t have survived marriage if she had married earlier because she had a lot of growing up to when it comes to blending work with marriage.

In a series of quoted tweets of comments from her followers, she appears to take refuge from comforting comments from her followers who are or have seen supportive husbands .

She however challenged comments that suggested women must be submissive to their husbands in all regards including preparing dinner when you return home late.

“I’m 30 and unmarried. I’m not dead sweetie. In actual fact, I probably may not have survived this marriage thing if I had done it earlier because I still had a lot of growing up to do. Smart men find a way to support their wives when it gets tough. It’s a collaboration” – Berla Mundi quoted a tweet that said smart woman always find a way around work and marriage.

Here are some interesting quoted tweets and comments.

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