Teeth changing colour is very prevalent and it occurs in a gradual process.

Especially as you age, your teeth turn to get more yellowish. This usually happens when gradually the enamel disappears that keeps your teeth white. Then the second yellowish layer i.e., the dentin of calcified becomes more seeable.

Consuming certain foods and drinks could also get you yellow teeth by building up plaque. But not to worry, there exist certain remedies thankfully which one might follow to get naturally whiten teeth

Nothing is much better than using natural organic ingredients because you can of course easily rely on them. So, continue reading this article to know about certain home remedies to remove yellow teeth.

Brush teeth daily

Brushing is a compulsory oral hygienic regime that everyone needs to follow. Brush frequently after foods that tend to make your tooth yellow.

It is a necessary habit to at least brush teeth twice a day that too in a proper manner, covering all portions.

Apply baking soda and hydrogen peroxide toothpaste

You can switch to a toothpaste that contains baking soda and hydrogen peroxide that aid in fighting bacterial growth and prevents building up plaque.

It also makes your teeth white. Or, you can prepare a paste of both and brush thoroughly and swish it out properly with water. Mouthwash comprising both is also quite a good option to get stain-free teeth.

Coconut oil pulling

Coconut oil is very effective in fighting bacterial growth and plaque in the mouth. It results in tooth whitening. Swishing two spoons of coconut oil for around ten to fifteen minutes can aid in protecting from bacteria and makes teeth white

After swishing, just wash your mouth with water and spit it out. Brush the teeth later and drink a full glass of water afterwards. Researchers have shown that sesame oil pulling helps in preventing gingivitis and helps to protect from several gum problems.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can work best but it must be used carefully and in small quantities. Mix just two spoons of apple cider vinegar with water and prepare a mouthwash and swish for around thirty seconds and spit it out.

Wash your mouth properly and brush later on. Apple cider vinegar can help but there are certain potential side effects of it so one must use it with caution.

Activated charcoal

You can use it in several methods. Activated Charcoal is effective in withdrawing stains and pigments from your teeth. Opt for toothpaste that contains activated charcoal.

Or, add capsules of it with any toothpaste and brush but please keep in mind that you must not brush your teeth too aggressively otherwise it can harm the enamel. You might also prepare a mouthwash by adding it with water and swish it.

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