Ghanaian actress Andrea Owusu, popularly known as Efia Odo, has announced that she is taking a break from social media and her activism on the infamous #FixTheCountry movement.

I feel their deaths are on me and my mental health is also at stake’ – Efia Odo ‘quits’ social media, #FixTheCountry activism

This is coming after a violent protest broke out in Ejura over the death of a resident who recently joined the campaign which she has actively led, using his Facebook page to speak on developmental issues in the area.

Efia Odo told her followers on Monday, June 5, that she’s going on a hiatus because her involvement in the #FixTheCountry movement is affecting her mental health.

She indicated that her intentions for the country are as pure as gold but the recent developments in the country have become too heavy for her to bear.

Efia Odo shared a poster on her Instagram page that read:

“I will like to take this time to let you know that I’m going on a Hiatus. My mental health is at stake at the moment. My love for this country and humanity has turned into something I am not, political. I am of peace and equality. My heart and intentions are as pure as gold. Things are too heavy for me right now. Take care.”

However, she turned off the comment section to prevent people from sharing their thoughts on her decision.

Efia Odo recently broke down in tears over the murder of social activist, Ibrahim ‘Kaaka’ Muhammed, in Ejura and the subsequent death of two out of six residents who sustained gunshot wounds during a protest over his death on Tuesday, June 29, 2021.

I feel their deaths are on me and my mental health is also at stake’ – Efia Odo ‘quits’ social media, #FixTheCountry activism

According to the actress cum model, accusations have been levelled against her for inciting assailants to murder Ibrahim Kaaka Muhammed, with his activities which is allegedly making the government unpopular.

Speaking on the incident on Angel FM, Efia Odo expressed her sadness for being blamed for leading a harmless cause.

The actress said she feels guilty that citizens had to lose their lives because they demanded their standard of living be improved.

“I feel like it’s my fault. I read comments and people make comments like ‘I have the blood of victims on my hands because if we did not do this whole FixTheCountry thing none of this would have happened’. But if the country is fixed we wouldn’t be complaining,” Efia Odo said amid tears

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