Netizens are on a rampage on Twitter asking for justice for one Albert Owusu Sarpong who died days after reportedly taking a COVID-19 jab.


According to a friend who shared the information, Albert developed severe complications after taking the COVID vaccine and died days after.

Sharing a video on Twitter, the supposed friend of the deceased wrote:

Got news that my friend Albert Owusu Sarpong from UG studied political science just died..he took the vaccine 2 days ago, developed complications and just got news he died. Why?! Albert we had dreams of building Ghana and touring the world together! Why is no one talking about-

Many have reacted to the piece of news where many are calling for justice for Albert…

DarKo Kesse wrote: He could have gotten an underlining condition that no one knew …some people keep their health issues personal ..if u associate it to the vaccine u will get it all wrong …u should have evidence to back ur claims ..May ur friend rest well …

Kojo B wrote: People live with years with those conditions and when this vaccine is introduced in their system and they have strange reactions or even die you blame it on the condition they’ve been with all this while.. How??

Kwei Mensah wrote: How can a normal healthy young person die right after taking the vaccine?? And Gov is still taking a stand for mandatory vaccines??? The mass administration of the vaccine must stop now!! How many more people do we want to die before this madness end!!!#JusticeforAlbert

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