Ghanaian Kumawood actress Sandra Sarfo Ababio has emphatically debunked rumours of dating the comic actor and singer Lilwin. Rumours over the past few years has pointed that the two were once a couple and had even broken.

The Kumawood actress cleared the air that there was nothing between them saying he has never seen her panties before and that they were just work colleagues in the movie industry

In an exclusive interview on Accra-based neat Fm about her life, she said “Lilwin brought me to Kumasi”, they were working closely together which could have made people perceive them as couples. Sandra Ababio was willing to swear that she had not dated Lilwin before when the show host jokingly asked a schnapp be brought to him for swearing.

According to the actress, Lilwin had discovered her talent and was willing to make her acting career a reality. Their relationship was strictly professional even though they liked each other’s company.

Here in Ghana, when we see a man and a woman are on a project or together, we assume they are sleeping with each other. That’s the same problem the actress says Ghanaians perceive about her and the comic actor Lilwin.

Recently, Lilwin posted a photo of his beautiful family, the actress said she was no where to be found because I’m not part of the family implying that they had nothing together.

She added that Lilwin has two new kids in addition to the ones of her ex-wife and she is not the mother of lilwin’s new kids. He has his family and I also have mine.

This isn’t the first time, Sanda Sarfo Ababio has tried to clear the air about dating Lilwin. In an earlier incident this month, she was approached by street hawkers while she got stucked in a traffic I’m her car and they asked her ‘Where is Lilwin’. She boldly replied ‘Who is Lilwin’.

She later shared the video on her Ig page to make it clear that she had nothing to do with Lilwin. Do you also think something happened between them?

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