It’s no news that young actress Maame Serwaa who is less than 24years of age for reasons best known to her has successfully gone under the knife to enhance her appearance ­– liposuction surgery.

Although, the move to undergo liposuction surgery is a choice provided the person can afford the huge bills that come with it, but fans of the talented young actress are not happy following social media comments.

The truth is, critical thinking Ghanaians especially the loyal fans of the actress can’t understand the rationale behind the liposuction surgery considering the fact that Maame Serwaa naturally had the goodies.

Back to the subject matter, Maame Serwaa has done been captured in New footage boldly showing her dancing skills as she boldly flexes with her 700k liposuction surgery figure to the admiration of the guys around.

And in the video, one could tell that Maame Serwaa is very proud of her new look and figure considering her confidence level being displayed in the footage.


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