Because most guys are obsessed with big a$$, ladies are willing to take any risk to get that big a$$. It makes the lady more attractive to many guys hence the lady can bill any guy. If she bills you and you can’t pay, another guy is willing to pay and even more.

Ladies run to buy enhancement cream which they say is less effective so some girl go under the knife for quick result.Though it take cause dangerous harm but looking at the good side, it also helps make money online.

Some ladies with big a$$ have ended up as influencers online and making more money than some government worker doing 8 to 5.

A Viral video has hit social media and it’s a man telling the differences between real and fake a$$. Though the illustration was done with one lady.

In the video, the man was seen feeling the texture of the buttocks and then smashes. From the video one could tell that the a$$ was real because it small but soft.
Check out the video below:

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