Damien Tarel, the man who publicly slapped the French President, Emmanuel Macron has been sentenced to 4-months in prison.

The Frenchman who went globally viral for slapping his president said he did that because President Macron has failed as a leader and must be held accountable for the decline in the nation’s economy.

He was arrested immediately at the scene. He has been imprisoned by a court for four months for publicly slapping the president. He testified that the attack was unplanned and impulsive but prompted by anger for France’s economy decline. He is forever forbidden from ever holding a public office in France.

Furthermore, he received a 14-month suspended sentence and banned from owning weapons in the next five years

It was reported that Tarel’s lawyers used the self-defense mechanism that the President flouted Covid-19 protocols when he came close to their clients. They argued their client ensuring the protocols worked slapped the president to give him the required 2-meter social distancing rule.

The argument was rejected because prior to slapping the president, Tarel was heard shouting an old slogan used by the resistance and soldiers while fighting for freedom.

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