A policewoman linked to the Quarter Master Stores at Nkwakwa Divisional Police Headquarters Constable Sarah Adjei has taken her own life.

On Saturday, August 7, 2021, Constable Sarah was discovered dead in a hotel room she booked and logged in at the Misiho Hotel situated at Akwasiho.

The manager who narrated the sad news to newsmen said that he had embarked on his usual routine of checking up on the guests on Sunday when he found the policewoman’s lifeless body lying down on the floor.

Policewoman Commits Suicide Because Of Debt, Accuses Mr Dampare For Her Death In Suicide Note (PHOTOS)

She had a swollen right cheek and blood gushed out from her nostrils. Mr Timothy Dampare was said to be the man she fingered to be the cause and sole reason for her death in a suicide note found in her bag.

She claimed that she told the man she owed other individuals money, and he agreed to settle all her debts. But he still refused to pay after a week, thus he should be held responsible for her death

The note read
“Dear Mr. Timothy Dampare, I told you that I owed people money and you decided to help me, and you have been with me in my house for one week now and you have refused to help me, so if anything happens you have caused it Mr. Timothy Dampare. Thank you 0249134983?.”

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