A young pretty woman who seemingly forgot her environment while shopping in town has landed on social media after she went topless while trying on a new bra she bought from a male vendor on the street.

As captured in a viral video fast circulating online, the lady is seen stripping down to her brassiere and underwear leaving little to the imagination for people passing by.

In an effort to get the perfect fit of bra to hold her melons in place, she proceeded to remove her bra right in the open to try on the new one she intends to possess.

The beautiful lady skillfully shielded her breast from falling out and getting exposed while the vendor helped her to unfasten the hooks at her back.

The incident occurred right here in Ghana as the voice behind the video was that of someone speaking the local dialect Twi, while giving commentary about how a fully grown man was selling bra on the streets to make earns meet.

Watch the video below

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