Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie has successfully enrolled in law school after revealing months ago he was planning to head to law school soon.

Sarkodie told Tilly Akua Nipa on One Play Africa that his plan for his education is to continue at the law school and become a lawyer.

Sarkodie already has a degree from Intercom Programming and Management Co. (IPMC).

He studied Graphic Design.

During the interview, Sarkodie said his next step is to pursue his education to the law school and media reports indicate the rapper has set his record straight.

In a photo trending online and sighted by , Sarkodie was seen in the law Student’s costume in a pose with Attorney Moses Foh-Amoaning.

An Instagram blogger, Kwesi the Ghana boy, was the first to break the news online. Although Sarkodie hasn’t publicly hinted of his enrollment into law school, Ghanaians are certain of his educational success.

Rapper Sarkodie enrolls in Law School


“For myself, I still want to go to school. I think will study law…It wouldn’t just be a thought. I think I am getting there, so I know what is necessary.” he said.

Sarkodie’s little known legal dream had been laid bare for Ghanaians. According to him, he was getting everything ready for his upcoming law career any moment soon.

Sarkodie said one big reason he wants to study law is to be prepared for every situation and not look ignorant.

He added he also cares about the country deeply and presumably can find a way to help out with his law skills.

“[Law] excites me. I care about the country but I make sure when I am having conversations I am well equipped with information,” Sarkodie continued.

“As much as I want to speak, we have people who are equipped with information so if you want to come and speak and you don’t have the knowledge, as much as you mean good, they will have a way that you’ll sound like you don’t mean good. That’s one main reason I want to better that.”

It’s great for Sarkodie to think of bettering himself but we hope he’s not thinking of a political career after that.

Most politicians in Ghana are lawyers, so it could be a way for Sarkodie to prepare himself for that challenge.

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