Ghanaian Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale has reffered to all Ghanaian Patriots who are seeking for a better nation through the #FixTheCountry campaign as cheap thinkers. He has urged the campaigners to think of ways to better their own lives instead of depending on our politicians for a better Ghana.

In a wake of events arising from Ejura after a clash between the town youth and the military, the loudmouth social media commentator and musician has added his voice to the voices of many celebrities who have expressed their worry over the recent happening.

Last Tuesday, Residents of Ejura in the Ashanti Region marched out in their numbers to protest against the unlawful murder of a #Fixthecountry campaigner, Kaaka who was killed through mob action by unidentified assailants over the weekend. The protest saw a clash with a Ghana military – Ghana police combination leaving 3 dead and 4 in critical conditions.

Shatta Wale in a series of Facebook posts called the campaigners and protestors, educated fools and disappointed graduates who have become over-dependent on government policies. According to him, the nation will be difficult for a citizen who has decided to do nothing for him but depends on lies being propagated by the politicians as government policies.

The Dancehall superstar attributed this lifestyle of dependance to cheap thinking on the part of Ghanaians who are unable to brainstorm ideas which could last for generations to come. Ghanaians are suffering because we don’t want to make the first move in life, always expecting someone to feed us before we make a move in life. We can’t progress in a country like this – He added.

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Citing examples of Gameboys and market helps and labourers who are struggling to build a life for themselves, he asked the conveners to learn and replicate their street ways and rather forget the dubious policies and ways of our politicians.

He acknowledged a number of the youth who are bussing it off on social media to make it in life as others complain about the bitter living in Ghana. He also urged his Shatta movement fanbase to rise from all these slow thinkers, believe in themselves and put their trust in God.

You have the strength and mind. Start winning for yourself.

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