A Bizarre news has landed at the front desk of GhBase where a bolt driver narrated how he was sexually abused by a female customer.

Shocking: Male Bolt Driver Raped By Female Customer And The Issue Ends Up At The Police Station

Narrating his ordeal to Ghbase.com, the bolt driver called Alexander revealed that he picked the customer around Adenta to take her to Dorwenya.

” On our way going, she took 30 cedis cash from me to buy an alcoholic beverage because she claimed she didn’t have enough cash.
” When we got to her destination, it was a hotel and she asked me to follow her for the money which was around 80 cedis. As soon as I entered the room, she locked the door and put the keys in her breast.

” She then blackmailed me to sleep with her else she wasn’t going to pay me my money or open the door. Just when I wanted to scream, she pulled out a piece of weed and a weapon and asked me to lie down.

” I was afraid for my life so I obeyed her and she removed my shorts and had jumped on me. She rode me till she was fine and pushed my clothes and the money to me. She then opened the door sent me out.” Alex narrated.

Alex added that he went straight to the Adenta police station to report the case and he was asked to do a medical examination. The lady was later arrested after.

In his final statement, Alex stated that the lady pleaded with him to let go of the case and she paid him a fine of an undisclosed amount.

He went ahead to advise his fellow drivers to careful of those they pick.

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