We have chanced upon the current unpleasant state of renowned Ghanaian actor, Kofi Laing who is widely known in showbiz as Kohw3.

The photo after going viral has really gotten people worried with many people asking the cause of whatever is happening to him.

In the photo, he was seen carried by a young gentleman who seems to be one of his relatives. What many people are wondering is the fact that how the country neglects some of these old celebrities to ‘perish’ without any form of help for them.

Considering how Kohw3 entertained us during his peak days, his end should not be like this. See the photo below;

Ghanaian veteran actor Kohw3

Some reactions the post got are;

dani.ella6419 – Nipa ankasa animals are more important than us ooo

itzms_bharbie – Oh what happened to him oh ???

rianaturelle – Oh!

airquah__adepa – Oh kchw3

abbapaula – Hmmmm so sad. Life

3891leticia – Are we jus watching or helping,if the public is not helping then no one had that ryt to have brought his current state public pls sometimes we should respect some of our Stars ooo

ray_neww___ – Oh no

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