Finding a job in Ghana as a young graduate or an unemployed person is tedious and very competitive, simply because there are a small number of vacant slots, as compared to the number seeking employment.

Job applications are as important as a good CV and recruiters consider these.

It’s on the basis of this that Head of Human Resources at Jobberman Ghana, Freda Nana Embil, in an interview revealed and shared some intriguing tips for job seekers looking to land a job.

According to her, it is imperative for job seekers to place emphasis on their experience and qualifications above all else.

She noted that job seekers should know how to put together an effective CV.

“There is some information that may be included on a CV that doesn’t do much to increase the employability of job seekers,” she added.

“Recruiters are always on the hunt for new talents, people with fresh perspectives and ideas. Fresh graduates come into the job market with high optimism and potential and recruiters are always ready to help mould them into professionals,” Embil added.

Below are three key tips for writing a good CV;

  • Put more emphasis on experience and qualifications rather than insignificant details
  • Writing about career goals before sharing important information like experience and qualifications put job seekers at a disadvantage. These can be added at the latter part.
  • Opt for a CV that summarises all their experience into a single page document.

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