The Ghana-based Gambian actress and movie producer Princess Shyngle has revealed why a man and a woman can never be bestie especially in Africa. It is either they are sleeping together or one is crushing on the other.

Princess Shyngle

Princess Shyngle made this known in an Instagram post that unless the guy is 100% gay, a man and a woman can never be besties in our part of the world. She said this while citing an example of her past life with a male bestie she had been besties with for more than 10 years until they married each other.

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She added that they were having s3x even though they were dating different partners at the time. Princess Shyngle had a boyfriend and her male bestie also had a girlfriend during but each time they met, the fu(ked each other without their partners getting a hint.

She also revealed that their partners were cool with them doing the regular bestie things; hanging out, sharing beds, taking trips and chilling but little did they know that they f.cked whenever they met.

Princess Shyngle said she and her bestie couldn’t imagine the face on their partners and what was going on within their minds when they found out they were getting married 10 years later. Their marriage however didn’t end well because her bestie turn husband was allegedly abusing her both physically and mentally. She filed for a divorce earlier this year.

Princess Shyngle on a vacation

Regardless of her failed marriage, She cautioned her followers not to allow their partners become besties with the opposite sex because it will eventually lead a heartbreak and later breakup. It’s just a lie to cover their sex. “All my life, I’ve tried having a male bestie but all want to smash at some point” – Prince Shyngle wrote.

Her post saw different comments from her followers, some believed it was true and correct analogy, others believed it was a falacy.

Majority of those who believed this to be true were mostly guys who have been screwing their besties and those who were crushing on the besties and could no longer wait to screw them.

Most ladies however didn’t agree with her because they believed she wrongly generalized the analogy which was true for all besties. They believed she made this post out of her bitter past due to failed marriages and relationships.

Below are some exciting comments.

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