Fifteen Ghana cedis has been trending for almost 24 hours on Twitter after an episode of the Date Rush fame Reunion aired on Sunday, last night. The Nathaniel and Millicent couple had a brief misunderstanding over 15 cedis during the Reunion.

Date Rush

Date Rush is a lifestyle show that airs every Sunday night on Tv3 at 8pm. It is an avenue for meeting compatible partners by choosing a person who best suits you and your personality as a whole.

During the show, a gentleman or a lady is made to pick a date from 10 people of the opposite sex. The 10 contestants will leave their rushes on, on condition that they find the person compatible.

The episode that aired this weekend was the DateRush reunion where couples who found love on date rush meet to discuss the progress of their relationship. This week’s saw several altercations between the couples present including a stage fall of one female contestant, Ruth.

15 cedis saga
Millicent accused her date Nathaniel of borrowing 15 cedis from her without paying back. She lent Nathaniel the amount because he needed it urgently to print his CV for a job application.

Nathaniel and Millicent

According to her, Nathaniel has not been a faithful partner since they started dating. Notable of which being Nathaniel claiming to the CEO of a company and an accountant by profession during his brief introduction on Date Rush. She didn’t understand why a CEO will ever need 15 cedis, let alone use it to print a CV to apply for a job. Millicent lent him the money regardless of her doubts but she claimed several lies kept coming up so she decided not to continue the relationship.

However, Nathaniel immediately jumped in to squash these claims made by her partner. He said the amount he requested for was 50 Ghana cedis and not 15 cedis as his partner indicated earlier. He added that he needed the money urgently because he was stranded in town and not because he wanted to print his CV for a new job. He has run short of money after running his errands so he decided to call his newly found date to help him out.

Twitter has not been quite over this issue as some claim Nathaniel is a broke loser trying to win the love of Millicent. Others claim this isn’t something relevant enough to cause a relationship break. Majority found the whole scenario funny and couldn’t stop sharing memes.

Here are some tweets

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