This video available to will probably prompt you to be cautious when purchasing food from town as a woman have found human penis in TuoZafi.

On many occasions, people have been busted by authorities using inappropriate ingredients to prepare meals they sell on the street.

A woman by the name of Akosua has taken to social media to warn Ghanaians to be mindful of what they buy to eat in town after she discovered what looks like the d!ck of a human being in a bowl of Tuozafi she bought in town.

In the video, the woman advised meat lovers to be cautious about the kind of meat they buy from town before consumption.

According to the woman, what she saw in the food looked like the d!ck of a human being, looking at the shape and how it was cut. She said that the meat does not resemble that of a cow or goat so she is definitely sure that it might be that of a Homosapien.

Watch the video below:


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