Social media actually was known for keeping in touch with loved ones, a site for advertisement and business, a place where one can release stress and boredom and other positive things but what do we see of late?

Our youth are rather abusing the social media as they tend to stock these platforms with videos and images of themselves doing the undesirable each and every moment for reasons of getting fame and more followers.

A video currently going viral on the internet sighted by shows a young lady was seen displaying her amazing “twerking” skills in a musical background.

This video has attracted many comments from users across the platform as some cheered her up and others showed their dissatisfaction.

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Gh Kabutey is a content writer, video editor and social media marketer. I promote in a new and holistic manner, Ghanaian culture [music, dance, people], news, and trends. I am a biochemist by profession.

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