On October 1 2021, Ama Aboagye DaCosta became the youngest Lawyer in Ghana after she was called to the Bar at age 22 and 5 months.

Who is Ama Aboagye DaCosta, Ghana’s Youngest Lawyer?

Ama Aboagye Da Costa was born on April 17, 1999, in Abuja, Nigeria, where her father Gilbert Aboagye Da Costa was the Nigeria correspondent for CNN and Associated Press at the time.

Youngest lawyer in Ghana

Ama Aboagye Da Costa returned to Ghana in 2010 and enrolled at Grace Preparatory School in East Legon, followed by Aburi Girls in 2012, where she excelled in both the arts and sciences.

Ama Aboagye Da Costa is also fluent in French.

Ama Aboagye Da Costa was accepted to study law at the University of Ghana shortly after turning 16 in 2015.

Ama Aboagye Da Costa graduated in 2019 and was accepted to the Ghana Law School that same year. Both of her parents are lawyers and journalists.

In a LinkedIn post, Ama Aboagye DaCosta’s father, Gilbert Aboagye Da Costa eulogized his daughter describing her as “beloved” with the message that she will surely do exploits in her field.

He wrote:

At 22 years 5 months old, my beloved daughter Ama Aboagye Da Costa has become the youngest person in the Ghana legal system to be called to the Bar. And she won the Best Student in Civil Procedure Award by the Ghana School of Law (2020/2021). You have always broken records, Ama! You could have won even more if not for some regrettable challenges you faced at a point. Entering the Law Faculty at University of Ghana at the sweet age of 16 and breezing into the Ghana School of Law four years later, defying all the odds and leaving a mark of excellence! My little girl is a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Ghana. I know your French-speaking skills and exceptional strength in mathematics should serve you well as a practitioner of the law. God bless you my daughter! I pray for a beautiful future for you!

In a tweet, Ama Aboagye DaCosta said she is very pleased with her 16-year journey to actualizing the dream of becoming a lawyer.

She wrote: A beautiful end to the 6-year journey I embarked on at the age of 16 I’m a lawyer now

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